Susan & John Christner

Licensed ~ Bonded ~ Insured

Member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

"There's no place like home" pet care!
Your pets are cared for in the comfort of YOUR home.

God provided us with wonderful companions when he created animals. My love for them..was the motivation for Cuddles-n-Care Pet Sitting Service. I am very passionate about the humane treatment of animals. For me...there is nothing worse than the abuse of innocent animals. There are many that spend their lives chained in tiny, filthy cages, barely able to move and unable to turn around. It's something I find very hard to even think about. Look up "factory farming" online to learn more. Although I have always done my part by donating to animal welfare organizations such as the Humane Farming Association, my pet sitting business is another small way to make a difference. My clients get the peace of mind needed to enjoy some time away, while their pets remain in the comfort of their home, NOT in a cage at a kennel. I am very excited about this venture and have faith that God will provide for me, the opportunities to share my love and compassion for YOUR special companions!
* * We provide services that are within a 10 mile range of our home in Rancho Sante Fe, Kingman, AZ. If you live outside this range, we can provide references. * *

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Costs for Service are based on....
  • Number of visits
  • Amount of time per visit
  • Mileage from my home in Rancho Sante Fe, Kingman, AZ 

  • No limit on number of pets
  • No charge for initial consultation

Charges per visit:
  • $9.00 for up to 20 min.visit   ($1.50 for each extra 10 mins.)
  • $1.00 per mile from Rancho Santa Fe

  • 10% discount for Mutt Matchers or H.A.L.T. members
  • $2.00 extra per visit on Thanksgiving or Christmas day

Approximate # of miles from my home:
  • Omaha Dr & Southern Ave - 1 mile
  • Franklin Dr & Louise Ave - 2 miles
  • Seneca St & Hualapai Mountain Rd - 3 miles
  • Eastern Ave & Airfield Ave - 3 miles
  • Stockton Hill Rd & Mission Blvd - 4 miles
  • Western Ave & Southern Ave - 5 miles
  • Bank St & Gordon Dr - 6 miles
  • Burbank St & Airway Ave - 7 miles
  • N. Willow Rd & E. Sierra Vista Ave - 8 miles
  • Stockton Hill Rd & Jagerson Ave - 9 miles
  • Bond St & Northern Ave - 9 miles
  • N. Castle Rock & E. Thompson Ave - 10 miles

  • 3 miles distance ($3.00) plus..
  • 20 minute visit ($9.00) = $12.00 per visit
  • 2 visits per day for 2 days ($12.00 x 4) = $48.00